Sculpting a Female and Male in an Interactive Pose

interactive sculpture

Figurative workshops are taught by Jim Fatata and are devoted to realistically sculpting a female and male model in an interactive pose. Sculpture classes will cover how to sculpt the human form using water based clay. Individual instruction will enable each student, beginners and advanced students, to work at their own pace. The classes focus on teaching each student how to develop their ability to see correct proportion and gesture with a heavy focus on anatomy. A live model poses for each class. Sculptures created by participants will be bisque fired.

Workshops will consist of five 3-hour sessions with the female and male model each posing for two sessions solo and one final session together. The two models will be in poses that can be joined together at the last session for an interesting, interactive composition. Optionally, the two different poses can be treated as two different sculptures and not be combined if a participant prefers that. To advance skills in rendering human anatomy nude models are used for all figurative sculpture sessions.

The workshop fee depends on the number of sessions scheduled.  Payment is due at the first session and can be by cash or check/money order made out to James Fatata, sorry no credit cards. The fee covers the use of sculpting stand, model fee, studio facility, and bisque firing of the finished sculpture. Water-base clay will be available for purchase at the first session for $18 per twenty-five pounds bag.

The workshop is limited to eight participants and will be held at Litmus Gallery & Studio at 602-G East Chatham Street, Cary, NC. Those wishing to attend must reserve a space in advance. Notification will be sent to those requesting a space as to whether there is a space for them or if they are on the “wait list.” Refunds will not be given for missed sessions. Additional questions or to register for the workshop contact Jim Fatata: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..