Past Classes

Sculpting a Female and Male in an Interactive Pose

interactive sculpture

Figurative workshops are taught by Jim Fatata and are devoted to realistically sculpting a female and male model in an interactive pose. Sculpture classes will cover how to sculpt the human form using water based clay. Individual instruction will enable each student, beginners and advanced students, to work at their own pace. The classes focus on teaching each student how to develop their ability to see correct proportion and gesture with a heavy focus on anatomy. A live model poses for each class. Sculptures created by participants will be bisque fired.

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Sculpting a 3D Portrait in Clay

Joe 1 562x422Portrait session workshops are devoted to creating a realistic 3-D stoneware clay portrait bust (head, neck, and possibly top part of shoulders) of the human head. Clay has been used throughout the centuries to create beautiful and enduring works of art. Clay is a strong, tough, durable, and timelessly beautiful material for creating art. From the very earliest civilizations to the present time, portrait busts made in clay have been one of the most consistent and reliable art forms to survive the test of time. The skills learned in this workshop can be used to produce treasured portraits of loved ones or special friends.

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Learning Anatomy through Sculpture

TheEmbrace1aThis figurative workshop is devoted to realistically sculpting in clay a model in a seated pose. The sessions will focus on teaching participants to see and interpret correctly female and male anatomy. Emphasis will be placed on creating sculptures that accurately capture the pose and that have correct proportions. Figurative artists who work in 2-D and 3-D art forms can benefit from the workshop. Individual instruction will enable each participant, beginners and advanced artists, to work at their own pace.

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Sculpting the Human Form

TwistedPoseMaleTorsoaModel will be in a standing, seated, or reclining pose (TBD) which will give participants a chance to do a torso (no head, arms, or legs), a bas-relief wall hanging sculpture, or quick practice clay sketch. To advance skills in rendering human anatomy nude models are used for all figurative sculpture sessions.

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